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draft of notes of the conference  
given by the V.M.M.Yeo Wams Om in Tiwanaku

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The flourishing civilization of the Tiwanaku (picture 1), as well as the ones founded in the Egypt, Mexico, etc., dates of thousands and even millions of years. In this case, the current ruins of the Tiahuanaco, correspond to that which was the ATLANTIS.
Great Initiates and Teachers raised magnificent Temples in adoration to the God Sun, there in the Atlantis. However, under their diverse ruins that today are in Puma-Punku
  (picture 15)  and Tiahuanacu, at scarce dozens and hundred of meters under the surface; they are other big constituent monuments of the OCCULT ARCHITECTURE, such as pyramids, doors of the Sun, monoliths and scientific instruments, etc., witness of one or another civilization previous to the ATLANTIS, it is worth to say, belonging to the LEMURIA.
The C-14 being so, so limited, it could not measure the age of those lemures ruins that exists under the current Tiahuanacu. Nowadays, under the channel of the waters of the TITIKAKA, (picture 20)  lives a magnificent ALIVE CIVILIZATION, survivors of that which was the Atlantis. This beautiful city is eminently THREE-DIMENSIONAL.
By means of the CHINKANAS or doors or roads that communicated many ancient continents, below the earth and the channel of the lakes and seas, you can arrive to that city and their inhabitants. This city is not n the waters of the lake, but more inside the same channel of the TITIKAKA.
Tiwanacu also rose this way in the Lemuria, about 18 million years ago.
The V. L. MELKISEDEC founded the ROSE CROSS ORDER in the Lemuria, in what today is COCHABAMBA, and next to his pupils he also expanded the teaching to what today is the Tiwanacu, to Chaldaic, to North America, to the Poles, etc.
Jesus, the Christ, between his 12 and 30 years, came to the Tiwanaku with his dear Priestess, and was also in Cochabamba, cohabited with the Venerable Master KON TICI WIRACOCHA.
Travel Thee, teaching and recapitulating everywhere. There in the internal worlds, in the Temples of the WHITE LODGE, there are books and LIVING paintings in those that the works carried out by JESUS THE CHRIST and MARÍA MAGDALENA in America is shown.
As well as Great Beings arraised with the ROSE CROSS in the Lemuria, millions of rational animals also perished next to their degenerations. Then those degenerate Incas took a judaistic or communist ideal and there we have them! transformed into ANTS, in BEES and in ASSES, heading for the abyss in the process of the INVOLUCION.
The initiate of that Tiwanacu, lived the sacred DECALOGUE of the Incan; in which says clearly: YOU WON`T FORNICATE.
Well, but already entering to participate of the symbolism and of the teachings contained in this territory, we find that the Incan atlantes lived the ROSE CROSS and they met the mysteries of the LIFE, the DEATH, the LOVE, the FREEDOM and the WISDOM. The 5 values of the ROSE CROSS Order, they are captured one and in other in each ESOTERIC monument.
The interior walls of this temple, they are sustaining some heads of all type (picture 6a), the form of each head varies and here is the meaning of the MYSTIC DEATH. Indeed, each head is an EGO, beheaded by the DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI and there are hundred or thousands EGOs that fall decapitated under the igneous sword. This process of the mystic death is carried out it in its first phase, by the BUDHATA with the guide of its Blessed Fathers and the breakup or ANNIHILATION of the ego, the Divine Mother carries it out .
The work of breakup of the ego, is terrifyingly difficult, terrible, but not impossible. This is a work for rational animals that want to end up becoming HUMAN BEINGS, and it is a work for human Beings that yearn to become MEN and it is for men that want to reach the supreme state of GODS and it is a work for Gods whose supreme aspiration is to ENTER TO THE ABSOLUTE .
The first two phases for the annihilation of theEgo, carried out by the Budhata are: UNDERSTANDING AND RECEPTION OF THE DEEP SIGNIFICANCE OF THE UNDERSTOOD EGO. This hard work has its foundation in that that is the chastity.
The living Masters of the Tiahuanacu, lived the Mystic Death based on the practices of the Solar Arcanum, made in the big Iniciative Temples of the WHITE LODGE.
In the center of this temples , is a monolith, and has the RIGHT HAND in the HEART and the LEFT HAND in the SOLAR PLEXUS. To likeness we find other (city of  La Paz - Miraflores. Picture 4) in whose prostatic plexus, is worth to say in the sex, it possesses a door of the sun traced without many details. The right hand in the heart is EMINENTLY the CONCIENTIAL WORK that should carry out the Initiate, Master and also the Rose Cross applicant . The left hand on the solar plexus, implies a lot of DOMAIN ON YOUR SELF.
In the area of the head (picture 6b), we find the symbolism of the CAT or the PUMA. Likewise, the figures of FOXES that represent to the lust.
The Teacher conquers and the legend transcends, based on the wise use of the sexual fire in the Solar Arcanum. And here is the key of the work: the SNAKE.
(picture 5)
"As Moses lifted the snake in the desert, it is necessary that the Man's Son is lifted, so that all those who believe in Him, don't get lost but has eternal life".
(John 3  verses 14-15)
The snake symbolizes the Man's son, the Divine Mother Kundalini, and she ascends toward inside and up, thanks to the practices of the SOLAR ARCANUM.
The Divine Mother ascends for the Brahma Nadi. It is necessary to see that the form of the monoliths has likeness with the PHALO. They have a PHALIC symbolism. (picture 5) 
The Divine Mother's name Kundalini lives since ancient times, this sacred name is not Sanskrit, neither Hindu. The name of Kundalini has always existed, from the infinite dawn of the life and it was the Venerable Logoses Melkisedec who taught the name.
That saint name be should lived and Carried out in oneself... one can really understand this way the essence of this name, and for there is to live the SOLAR ARCANUM in ROSECROSS WEDDINGS , regrettably there is not another path toward God, and the masters of the Incan knew it, they lived it and they were one with the copper snake, with the Blessed Mother Kundalini.
The V. M. M. Yeo Wams Om teaches, as the Rose Cross Masters were able to form spiritual elites in initiatic schools, there in the old CHALDAIC, in the PRE-VEDIC India, in the ANCIENT EGYPT, in the AZTEC EMPIRE, and in this case, in the formerly glorious TIWANAKU. It was in those sublime temples of the serpentine civilizations, where the Budhas of perfection and their Bodhisatwas, the mysteries of the CROSS and the ROSE taught. It was in the paved patios that surrounded the Temples where the priests instructed the applicants to the wisdom of the SNAKE. It was in those surrounded enclosures of big walls and trees, guarded by áspides snakes, pumas and the elements of the nature, where MAN and WOMAN united sexually in the practice of the Solar Arcanum, being LOVED, being ADORED.
This sacred cosmic tradition, was transmitted to the initiate priests of the Tiwanaku who taught the fundamental steps for the realization of the sexual rites. The same as in the times of America, the ROSE CROSS wisdom once lived in the entire world.
In this temple of the Tiwanaku, there is a monolith payee of great symbolism and sexual teaching next to Thee, the V. M. M. Om Yeo Wams Om taught the following things:
MONOLITH PONCE. (picture 3)
The two snakes that skirt their arms are the clear representation of the channels IDA and PINGALA. The TURBAN that takes in its head with occult symbols, represents the WISDOM. Of each hand it comes a GLASS and of that glass that is the sex, the chalice is born Ida and Pingala, the two snakes with heads.
The two hands have a different position, the left hand is sustaining with the fingers "toward inside" the GLASS, but the right hand, it is guided "toward out" this is that the whole work has to leave of INSIDE TOWARD OUT, and then it should return of OUT TOWARD INSIDE.
What sustains in the right hand, is the man snake, it represents THE FATHER'S WORK. The belt with SOLAR emblems symbolizes the CHASTITY, the REAL CHASTITY.
In the monolith is the work with the five values of the self-realization. All the monoliths are barefoot..... this represents the Initiate Master's HUMILITY in the presence of the Divine Mother, in the presence of the Masters and in the presence of the Father. Now then, in the right arm (
picture 7), concretely on its shoulder, is a highly occult drawing and it is this:
The triangle is the Father and the representation of the trinity of the 3 forces.
The circle represents the pineal Gland. The CROSS in movement is the sublime work with the Solar Arcanum. The CROSS, is on the man, and the initiate one should learn how to carry its CROSS.
Under the belt (chastity) are a kind of dresses with occult symbols, with this form:
This circle contains to the 3 forces that act in the infinite:
Father, Mother, son.
Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu.
Ra, Isis, Horus.
This Atlante wisdom was a hundred per cent divinal and sexual, in the sacred  Temples they had sacred vestals, called ÑUSTAS, the Initiate ones and selected Masters practiced the SOLAR ARCANUM next to them
The sacrifice of the IMMOLATED HEART of the ÑUSTAS or young VIRGIN,
N.o.E... in Machu Pichu were found great quantity of feminine bones) was to surrender in sacrifice (sacred-occupation) to their Internal Sun to its INTIMATE...
Them offered their heart to the INTIMATE. The Incan degenerated in that their degeneration, those Incan "priests" made them murdered the women under the dagger for "offer" their lives to the God Sun, regrettably, the official history only taught of the degenerate Incan who harvested the fruit of their wicked actions with the arrival from the Spaniards to the conquest.
THE DOOR OF THE SUN (picture 2)
The door that leads to God is the sex, for the sex leads toward the Sun, toward the INTERIOR SUN.
The occult architecture, is worth to say the construction of the Solar Being or existential bodies, it is only possible based on the stone, the door that is the sex.
On September 21st of every year the solstice took place, and in their dawn, the sunbeams penetrated exactly for the door of the sun, for the center of the door of the sun.
This work is sexual.
2 + 1 = 3; the law of the 3, the Father.
September = 9 month, 9 is the sex.
All occult birth is based on the 9 and only based on the 9 you can embody the 3 logoses, Father, Son and Sacred Spirit.
In the same structure of the door of the sun and in the reverse of the same one (picture 14), we find two vaults or semi-doors that were the two places of the guardians.
In their superior part they are 4 "windows" and those 4 "windows" represent the four elements (water, air, earth, fire).
Through those 4 "windows" and especially of the 2 "vaults", you could ENTER or LEAVE to the SUPERIOR DIMENSIONS OF THE SPACE.
In the front part of the door (picture 2), they are 48 man-condors in three lines, of which 32 look to the front and 16 look up. These 48 men - condor symbolizes to the 48 prevailing laws in the three-dimensional cosmos.
In all initiate one and master according to the order of Melkisedec, IDA and PINGALA glows full with purity and fire, meeting in an igneous contact with the nadi Sushunma in the shakra Muladhara, forming a knot symbolizing a TRIANGLE, the DIVINAL KUNDALINI ascends for the medullary channel and its 2 energy poles, they ascend for Idá and Pingalá.
This occult symbolism is found in the initiate John's Apocalypse (chapter 11) where all initiate one is the TEMPLE OF GOD and it measures him with the STICK or CANE. It represents Idá and Pingalá, the 2 witness who prophesy for 1260 days dressed of silicom. Cabalistically 1+2+6+0 = 9 = sex in chastity.

Kon Tici Wiracocha taught the wisdom of the snake in the temples of the White Lodge . The same as Him, other Masters like the TATA JACINTO, contemporary of the Venerable one Manco Kapac, INTI the sublime CRISTIFIED WOMAN .... they lived and they embodied the Cosmic Christ's teaching; and, it is there in the internal worlds where is the TEMPLE of the SUN located in the ISLAND of the SUN (Lake Titikaka), and to this sacred enclosure you arrive in astral body, always going to the will of the INTIMATE. Now the real history of the Tiwanacu is registered in the hidden memory of the nature in the AKASH and penetrating into her you can know all that exposed here, but in the FACTS in the LIVING.