Parmi les alchimistes qui excellent dans le XXe siècle, nous trouvons un célèbre médecin allemand, le Dr Arnold Krumm-Heller, humain, ou un grand Bodhisattva Être antique, ésotérique dont le nom correspond à la VM Wiracocha.
Ses œuvres abord ouvrir la porte de la transmutation peu mystique et scientifique intégrante, comme nous trouvons dans son œuvre: "ésotérique Rose", où, en allusion claire à Ens Seminis, la semence sexuelle, le sperme, dit: "Levez vos verres bien, et se soucie de ne pas verser même une seule goutte de votre précieux liquide."
Krumm-Heller, savait que dans le sperme, est la seule puissance qui peut libérer l'animal rationnel, bête de sa domestication pour la fornication.
Wiracocha maître, savait parfaitement que dans le sperme est l'énergie vivante de l'Mère Divine et Moi-Christ, le Maître savait que le "précieux liquide" est l'huile sacré avec lequel divine lumière de notre lampe, qui est très bien éclairé, nous pouvons étudier les mystères de la vie et la mort.
C'était en ces temps d'obscurantisme moderne, fondée Wiracocha Maître à nouveau la Fraternité Blanche ancienne. C'est lui qui a donné la première et fondamentale l'étape de l'organisation de l'Ordre rosicrucien.
Under his wise guide, temples and lumisiales opened up, where the thirsty of Light and Fire found the balm for its pain.
The balm was given to know for the famous Teacher in all its works, but, it is in its good known book, in his novel "ROSECROSS", where he gives to know the supreme key of the Integral Transmutation in the sacred cradle of the sexual temple.
Many read it and re-read it, and they went by the treasure of the centuries, without having more than looked the great gift of the moment; all of this, simply because the wonderful key, was written in Latin. Many were defrauded... (for very comfortable) and really few were disturbed before the wonderful, simple and divine words and they translated them...
The enigmatic sentence said:
"To introduce the virile member in the woman's vagina and to move away it without ejaculating the entity of the semen.".
Explaining a little the importance of refraining the act, the Teacher continues:
"The Rosa Cruz - Magician feels the same nervous excitement when operating that another being full with desire. If the men knew what they could make at this time of nervousness, for sure they would make everything, less to follow the woman". 
Later on in the same work "Rose Cross", he says:
"The Rose Cross's studies teach us that the semen is the man's astral liquid, it is the Life, it contains the power; but a power so immense that knowing how to manage it, you can achieve everything. For that reason it is so important to know the Rose Cross secret, because a powerful weapon is possessed against those setbacks of destiny".
The magnificent exhibition of the wise Wiracocha, was, it is obvious, broadly well-known for those Initiate and Teachers of all the times, and in all the latitudes of the globe.
Dr. Krumm Heller like human soul of the Teacher Wiracocha, thanks to the Integral transmutation of its sexual seed, was able to arrive to the dawns spheres of the Initiation and of the Teaching.
The whole secret is locked in the seed and in the sexual seed.
It is in the seed where is latent the divinal power to regenerate us totally, for us to become Gods.
God is love.
The Love is sexual a hundred per cent.
The beings that know how to love, learn how to manipulate the sexual energy.
The integral transmutation is sexual a hundred per cent.
The chastity is sexual a hundred per cent. There cannot be chastity without sexuality. Where there is celibacy or sexual abstention, there is not chastity.
There is only chastity if there is love. It is the fire of the Love who achieves the highest sublimations of the divine seed.
The fire of Love can only be lit when there is full and magnificent sexual activity.
The V.M. Wiracocha knew all this, and offered their pupils the maximum key of the Integral Sexual transmutation, explaining in his magnificent "Zodiacal Study", eight lesson , the modus operandi of the sexual magic (Magic, comes from Mag = Teaching, Teacher).
The Integral transmutation is lived in deep and intense intimate communion, among a male and a female united in Mystic Wedding, sexually united and under the august look of those Elohim, however, "instead of the coitus that comes to the orgasm, they should make reflexively sweet caresses, loving sentences, and delicate touches, maintaining constantly apart the purest spirituality as if the act was (and it is) one true religious ceremony","however, the man can and the man owes to introduce the penis and maintain it in the feminine sex so that a divine, full sensation of joy happens to both, that can last whole hours, moving it away in the moment in wich the spasm approaches to avoid the ejaculation of the semen, this way, they will want more and more to be caressed" "This can repeat so many times, how many are wanted, without never to happen the fatigue, because just the opposite, it is the magic key to be daily rejuvenated, maintaining the healthy body and prolonging the life, since it is a source of health with this constant magnetization."
"We know that in the ordinary magnetism, the magnetizer communicates fluids to the fellow, and if the first one possesses those developed forces, it can heal the second.""The transmission of magnetic fluid is made ordinarily by the hands or by the eyes; but, it is necessary to say that there is not more powerful driver, a thousand times superior to the rest, that the virile member and the vulva like reception organs."
"If many people practice that, in their surroundings, it is spread force and success for all those who contact them comertial or socially, but in the act of divine, sublime magnetization that we refer, both, man and woman, are magnetized reciprocally, being the one for the other a music's instrument that when being pressed, rushes or produces prodigious sounds of mysterious and sweet harmonies. The strings of that instrument are spread by the whole body, and they are the lips and the fingers the main rushers of it, on condition that the most absolute purity presides over the act that is what makes us magicians in this supreme instant "
(Zodiacal Study: Lesson Octave. Dr. A. Krumm Heller.)
Until here the Teacher Wiracocha. Of the transcripted, comes off clear and unquestionably that the Rose Cross must be lived sexually, that the RoseCross Order is sexual a hundred per cent.