Who is called Rosecross?

It is the ROSE CROSS ORDER, the FATHER-MOTHER of all the RELIGIONS; well, it is in the CROSS and in the ROSE where arose the Big MASTERS that organized and  founded a series of eminently religious movements; plus none, dared to call himself to itself: ROSE CROSS.

The Father's eye, expressing the ascent of the Snake
and the coronation of the Bird
(raven-in other cultures it is the
eagle or condor, that it represents to the Spirit, to the Christ)
, both
necessary realizations to become authentic Rosecrosses

ROSE CROSS IS HIM, THE FATHER, THE INTIMATE, THE BEING. The ROSE CROSS'S famous Masters didn't make their will, but THE FATHER'S WILL, of the ROSECROSS, of the BEING. That is the reason for that none of those big beings was identified as ROSE CROSS.
The CROSS is always placed in the MOUNT, in the STONE, and that stone where the CHRIST builds his TEMPLE it is the SEX.
The ROSE CROSS is SEXUAL a hundred per cent.
The Sex is life, and everything in the cosmos has life thanks to the SEX.
Minerals, plants, animals, Angeles and God, they owe their prodigious existence to the wonderful spermatic waters contained in the SEX.
An oxygen molecule makes CROSS with two molecules of Hydrogen, and the LIQUID ROSE, the WATER ARISES.
The multiple combinations of the matter are carried out based on the CROSS, and they always give for result a "something", and that something, is the ROSE.
The vegetal seed crossed with the telluric elements and it arises the herb, the bush, the tree, the ROSE.
They cross two looks, and the ROSE OF THE LOVE can be born.
A sperm and an ovum make CROSS and the ROSE, the LIFE arises.
THE LOGOSES fecundate the ENS SEMINIS of their chaotic matter, and of that CROSS the rose of the universe arises.
That whole wonderful COSMIC ROSE stays unalterable in its march thanks to the CROSS.
The positive force and the negative force of the CROSS, they determine the orbital line of the planets. If in some moment the dynamic balance sustained by the CROSS, was broken, the centripetal force would make that the planets are attracted toward the sun; and if was the centrifugal force the one that prevail then the planets would move away from the sun in indefinite form.
The big Heriophants knew it , and all the Initiate ones, and in all the times.
The ROSE CROSS is there of the space, of the time, of the eternity, and there of the mind and of the BUDHAS.
The CROSS and the ROSE'S knowledge, it is an alive reality in all and each one of the planets of the infinite cosmos; but, it is not property of none of the planets, and less than the planet earth. The proprietor of the ROSECROSS DOCTRINE, is that that is the DIVINE, that is the ABSOLUTE thing.
In the dawn of the life, the ABSOLUTE CONSCIENCE emanated of itself all the existent cosmos based on the CROSS, and always taking as starting point the CROSS and the ROSE, it organized the life in the one infinite cosmos under the wise address of the ELOHIM who instructed to the DIVINE MONADAS, to the INTIMATES, about the CROSS and ROSE'S big mysteries.
When the FATHER'S divine sparks emanating, after a long and innocent evolution in the diverse Kingdom of the nature, entered to the human state, the Big GODS, the ELOHIM, diffused the ROSE CROSS'S WISDOM everywhere.
They were many the humans that were able to rise until the unthinkable heights of their INTIMATE, being able to be carried out as ROSECROSSES; but, they were also many the human creatures that degenerated and they became rational worms