Sexual Transmutation


The biblical TREE OF THE LIFE or the Hindu MERURANDA, they constitute the wonderful SPINE. This column or axis, is to the body “what the Mount MERU is to the Earth”, for it is that the Hindees gives the name of MERURANDA to the spine.
The spine is formed by thirty three vertebras distributed in five regions: a) Cervical region b) Dorsal region, c) Lumbar region, d) Sacred region, e) Coccygeal region.



The spinal marrow is not only a nervous conduit between the periferia and the different sensitive centres, but it is also an independent centre of a group of centres that are in intimate relationship with a group of SHACRAS.
The sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system form a chain of ganglions or grouping of nerves that wrap up in contour of the spinal marrow, they constitute these a complex system that provides the respective nervous impulses to the different organs like the heart, lungs, bowels, kidneys, etc., and it exercises control on them.

Ch. XI, vs. 1 where he speaks symbolically of the Spinal Marrow or Stick of Aaron or Staff of Brahma, or of the Stick on which MOSES lifted his brass snake, when he affirms: “and it was given me a cane similar to a stick, when saying him: Get up and measures the Temple of God, and the altar, and those that adore in him.”
All the Big Masters of the Great White Lodge, PRIESTS FOR ALWAYS ACCORDING TO THE ORDER OF MELKISEDEC, lifted the snake on the stick of its spine, and they lit in the LABORATORIUM ORATORIUM, in the NINTH SPHERE in the sex, THE SACRED SPIRIT´S SACRED FIRE ; they embodied in THEMSELVES the Divine and Blessed Mother NUIT, ISIS, KUNDALINI, MARÍA, REA, TONANTZIN, etc.

The Nadis IDA and PINGALA are UNIVERSAL (represented in the Caduceus of Mercury, being the central stick the spine), and their knowledge is fundamental for everyone who that truly looks for its REAL BEING, to its FATHER WHO LIVES SECRETLY, and truly yearn to embody its DIVINE MOTHER ISIS.
Idá, the lunar nadi is born of the right testicle, in the male, and it is in connection with the left nasal fossa; and Pingalá, the solar nadi, is born of the left testicle and it is related with the right nasal fossa, and both nadis arrive to the heart.
In the woman, the solar nadi Píngalá, is born of the right ovary, and it has its relationship with the left nasal fossa, Idá the lunar nadi is born of the left ovary and is related with the right nasal fossa.
The profuse seed production for the organism, it cannot be avoided with formulas of fake pietism, and conventual discipline and sexual isolation.
The sexual transmutation achieves, with the exercise of the conscious will , modifying, to change totally, to transform the human seed entirely, transmuting her of semisolid and semi-liquid matter into Energy.
All the sperms and pre-ovules are totally transmuted, of protoplasmatic matter, in Energy. Energy that begins to circulate for the organism through their respective channels.


The sexual transmutation is the series of consciuos and volunteers procedures for which it is possible to transform the material seed in spiritual energy.
Those procedures are synthesized in three:

Unipolar sexual transmutation
Bipolar sexual transmutation
Integral transmutation


  1. The UNIPOLAR SEXUAL TRANSMUTATION is that series of conscious and volunteers exercises that carry out men and celibate women, in the intimacy of their lives, without the sexual intervention of their opposed one. It is practical for celibates males and women, alone, single , widowers or divorced... and those that don't have their couple.


a - All conscious attention is centred in the sexual organs, and making a magnificent exercise of will and conscious imagination will be visualized the living and panting fire, the same one that intensely flame.

b - Prana is inhaled until filling fully and smoothly the lungs, for then in exercise aware of the will and imagination to take the sexual fire to the region of the Kanda, until the base of the spine always trought the channels of Idá and Pingalá.

c -The Prana is retained by some seconds and then smoothly vocalizing the mantram "s" exhales the air, at the same time always in exercise of the will and conscious imagination, it is made ascend the sacred fire, along the channels Idá and Pingalá, to the brain and to the heart. The "s" mantram, is vocalized with the two lips hardly half-open and lengthening the whistily sound alike:


d - The inhalation is repeated, the brief retention, and you proceeds to a new and soft exhalation vocalizing the "s" mantram, always maintaining the will and the imagination, firm and constant in the transmutation process.
The time of practice, initially will be of ten minutes, after nine days increase three minutes, and so successively until completing the hour.

  2. The BIPOLAR TRANSMUTATION is carried out it in two modalities:
A) Special Rituals, in those that serious and select applicants participate of the sacred ceremony, with the objective of carrying out in themselves the unipolar transmutation , but taking advantage of the sexual vibrations characteristic of the opposed ones.
In the bipolar transmutation, there is not intimate sexual contact.
B) In the preparation and occult discipline the applicants live to the Rose Cross Wedding, who during their practices, neither they have intimate unions.

3. The INTEGRAL TRANSMUTATION is the one they live intimate and intensely the lovers united in Alchemy Weddings and this transmutation type is complete and sublime, it constitutes what in Real occultism is called: Solar Arcane , Real Arcane, secret A.Z.F., Maithuna, etc.