In the unalterable infinite, everything is subjected to laws, and these laws are the design, the will of that which is GOD, of that that is the UNMANIFESTED: THE ABSOLUTE THING.



The living creatures in the breast of the nature, fulfil the laws to those that are subjected, and mainly they live a superior Law, the same one that is broadly WELL-KNOWN for the elementary creatures of the nature, that Superior and Momentous Law, is translated in letting that THE FATHER'S WILL is COMPLETED.

All the creatures of the nature, fulfil THE FATHER'S WILL; but the rational animal doesn't fulfil it, it doesn't let that the Father's Will be made, on the contrary it opposes himself, and worse still, it only wants to make the will of the ego. All those big Beings that arrived to the CRISTIFICATION, made the possible and also the impossible thing to let that the FATHER'S dispositions are completed, to FULFILL THE FATHER'S WILL.

All those that dove in the dark and black waters of the Abyss, made simple and flatly the will of the EGO. The Path of the CROSS and the ROSE, is THE FATHER'S PATH, and it IS NOT An AVENUE FOR THE EGO.

The CROSS and the Rose's Path , the FATHER travels it but not the EGO. If the pupil really yearns to arrive to the INITIATION and to culminate in the CRISTIFICATION, it should from the start, from the beginning, go before Who Lives Secretly, and to let that THE FATHER'S WILL is completed.

It is necessary to remember that is THE FATHER, ATMAN, THE INTIMATE, our INDIVIDUAL MONADA who receives the initiations, and us as BUDHATA, participate of them as very loved sons of the FATHER.

Each DIVINE SPARK, is very important for the INTIMATE, because HE, our FATHER, depends on us to achieve the realization of his WORK, and us as BUDHATA, as DIVINE SPARK, we can help with that whole GREAT WORK making in all moment THE FATHER'S WILL; and, that DIVINE WILL, will be able to manifests when we let Him to MAKE ITS SACRED WILL.

How can the pupil be able to make the FATHERīs will , and how to know which the FATHER'S Will is in one and another situation of the life?  All Master of the WHITE LODGE, has learned to MAKE HIS FATHER'S WILL, WHO LIVES secretly, going to HIM, by means of the PRAYER and the MEDITATION. All pupil applicant to the ROSE CROSS, should in all moment, to make any decision, go to consult with all Adoration and Love in the presence of his FATHER, and him, the DIVINE ATMAN, the INTIMATE, he will always respond.

It is indispensable, necessary that immediately, right now, in this instant, the applicant RETURNS TO HIS FATHER, look for in himself, to that wonderful interior star that has always smiled to him, and by the prayer, the meditation, arrive until the feet of the INTIMATE, and to adore him, to beg him, to request him that we need, but always in conformity to LAW, and if that is THE FATHER'S WILL.

The rational worm as religious principles, believes that when it inclines the head and says some prayers learned by memory, or following some pattern or prayer model, it arrives until that which is GOD.

The rational worm, when making his prayers, makes it such as he was the MASTER AND GENTLEMAN of that which is GOD, and that him, THE ADORABLE one is a servant that should please his biggest and small whims, as well as his egoistic necessities.

The EGO doesn't know how to pray, and it only knows "to request" that which can be good him for its satisfactions, for its pleasures.

The Ego, sometimes also requests favours, gifts in people's that suffer, that cry favour ; in the humanity's favour, more those hollow words don't arrive but to the hearings, or to the rude minds of "charitable" people , but, they NEVER arrive to the hearings of that which is GOD. To GOD you arrives only by the PRAYER and MEDITATION carried out by the CONSCIENCE, NOT BY THE EGO.

To GOD you doesn't arrive with the mind, but, with the HEART. To God you don't arrive outer thoughts egoistics directions toward him, but, feeling, living the necessity to PRAY intensely, but living in the heart, in the conscience, and directing that conscience feeling toward inside oneself, there inside, very inside of our own heart. There in those UNKNOWN depths of ONESELF, it is where we should arrive in prayer, and to find there, inside of, very inside, the FATHER WHO LIVES secretly.

GOD, our INTIMATE, the DIVINE ATMAN, is not outside, but very INSIDE... INSIDE.

When we look for MAKING THE FATHER'S WILL, we should not look for it with the thought and the reason, NO, we reiterate, to GOD you arrives only with the HEART. Next we give the practice, the didactics to make THE FATHER'S WILL. We already ask. Which is THE FATHER'S WILL, or WHAT it is to MAKE THE FATHER'S WILL?

The animal reasoning could never understand really what is THE FATHER'S WILL, for that an intellectual analysis of it is useless. Only the CONSCIENCE can understand what is THE FATHER'S WILL. To understand consciencely what is THE FATHER'S WILL, one, according to the ATMANīs WILL, the following thing can be made:

Installed in your SANCTUARY, the pupil will make comfortable in the way that is more comfortable possible to him, already sat down, already in position of flower of Lotus, already reclined in his channel and of dorsal decubitus; proceed you to:

a. - Concentrates their CONSCIOUS ATTENTION coming from the BUDHATA, of yourself, in the depths of the own heart.

b. - With the exercise of your conscious imagination, penetrate in the unknown depths of your TEMPLE HEART, of your internal temple, and there, you will be able to find your INTIMATE, the pupil will see with the internal eyes, with the internal view, with the Light of his CONSCIENCE, and request, pray, beg, implore because HE, the INTIMATE teaches you to make HIS WILL. In deep and felt prayer, in meditation, request to the VENERABLE ONE, teach you to know which his will is.

c. - Your petition, as well as the gratefulness after having finished your meditation, it should always be made on behalf of the CHRIST, for the CHRIST, for the CHRIST.

d. - Finished its practice, proceed to PRAY to the FATHER that magnificent sentence taught by JESUS the CHRIST, OUR FATHER pray, trying to learn the deep significance of each word, of each sentence.

For the realization and effectiveness of this key or practice that it allows to the SUPPLIANT SON, to identify, to recognize, and to learn how to make THE FATHER'S WILL, it is necessary to always invoke the DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINIīs great help . With the meditation and prayer constantly practiced, all the pupils applicants will be able to, to enter in direct contact and conscencial with their INTIMATE, and they will learn of HIM, to make the DIVINE WILL, to recognize which is that WILL, to identify it, likewise, they will learn HOW TO fulfilling those divine designs.

To MAKE THE FATHERīS WILL, it is not to give away as marionette to the invisible threads, NO, on the contrary; it is to direct those "threads", it is to know how to use them. You can only MAKE THE WILL OF THE INTIMATE who is able to recognize it; and who is able to identify in itself, it is who has become able to recognize it and able to EXERCISE IT; it is who has been able to learn the FATHER'S teachings.
It is the FATHER, the INTIMATE who teaches to the PUPIL to make its WILL. Who is not able to receive the intimate teaching, will never ever MAKE THE WILL OF THE VENERABLE ONE; it is for that reason that we teach to our pupils to put on in direct contact with their INTIMATE, to learn of HIM, to make the SUPREME WILL.

"MY FATHER, MY GOD, MY LORD, I request you, I beg you, I request you in the CHRIST'S name, for the CHRIST, for the CHRIST; become trained to know your will, become trained to make your will, but LORD, make you your will and not mine."

The pupil applicant to the ROSE CROSS, before beginning any study, any practice, before deciding their entrance to the AUGUST ROSECROSS ORDER, should pray, to meditate, to ask to their REAL BEING that HE guides him and takes him to the path that its will, the FATHER'S will, is made in all moment, and not to make any decision completing the designs of the ego.

The EGO, it has never been neither it will be ROSECROSS. ROSE CROSS is him, the father, the INTIMATE. All practice or occult exercise, taught in this book, in the formal meetings, and in the internal worlds, it should always be preceded of a prayer to the INTIMATE, because it is who KNOWS really how to carry out an occult practice, it is HE, THE FATHER who knows the exact form of vocalizing the sacred syllables, the mantrams, it is THE FATHER who achieves the AUTOREALIZATION, the CHRISTIFICATION ; and not the ego.

It is absurd, ridiculous and a lamentable loss of time when the ego seeks "to wake up" conscience, or to live the sexual transmutation fully, or to manifest love. The ego anything of that can make, the ego cannot live the values of the intimate regeneration.

The ego, what wants powers, psychic abilities, to be made feel, etc., and it is for that reason that many students of the occultism lose whole lives, developing mental, psychic abilities and hidden powers, without before to have recognized and learned how to make that which is THE FATHER'S WILL.