The EGO; Nothing has of divine; the ego is simple and flatly a group - we reiterate - of values already positive, or negative; those values, or psychic aggregates, astral, mental, volitional, etc., they are those that receive the egos epithet in defined form. The ego is compound by infinity yoes. The egos are Legion.

Representation of our Egos or psychological defects

All and each one of the egos, those that the human creature loads, they are eminently bestial, savages, wicked, sanctimonious, criminals, drunkards, adulterers, homosexual, cynic, fornication addicts, hypocrites, ambitious... they are terrible... they are EGOS.

To the Ego of the lust, he doesn't care the body to be sick, dying, or that the sexual abilities are decreased or out; to the ego of the lust what he cares is to be given the pleasure to all coast and anything but. The fornication, the lasciviousness, the obscenity, the degenerate eroticism, the sexual aberrations, are in fact THEIR ORIGIN, their food, and for that "I feed" it fights hopelessly.

Him, Ego of the lust, the only thing that wants is to fornicate, and he doesn't care nothing else. The fornication is the basic, fundamental, primordial food, unsustituible of the EGO, and of the ego of the lust; plus, there is something that really astonishes: Him, the Ego of the lust, it IS NOT ONE, it is not a little devil or one in particular, the Ego of the lust are many, they are also a legion inside the legion.

The lust, in spite of its multiple conformation, is who provides an entire energy flow, a great quantity of food to all and each one of the egos, to all the egos not only fornicatives, but to those that seemingly anything has to do with the sex.

Him, the ego of the lust feed through the fornication to all that that is the EGO. The primordial food of the ego is the fornication.

When for eminently physical reasons, already for the age, or for illness, or for lack of sexual complement, the lust cannot be satisfied by the fornication, it is then when the ego suffers the unspeakable thing, because it has not received its primordial food, this fundamental food of the ego, is constitute by the emergent wicked vibrations of the fornication.

The "scientific" fornication and the "mystic" fornication they are simply FORNICATION, and all fornication serves as food of the wicked one, of the ego. There are times in those that listening our exhibitions, certain individuals, decide contiguosly to follow our teachings, and they even end up diffusing the whole transmitted knowledge, and received by them; plus, as their EGO, themselves needs "their food", and they see that it is necessary them their main food; then "they react" and they look for accommodation in some philosophy or religious sect that it AUTHORIZES them to fornicate.

The Ego is multifaceted, it has thousand faces and a thousand masks. The Ego is sometimes rude, violent, cynic, cruel, unmerciful, atheist, communist, etc. and others turn out to be fine, educated, hypocrite, loving, believer, mystic, etc.

The ego uses the mask that he needs more, and that is what generally happens with all and each one of its components. The Ego according to the circumstances, it is shown just as it is, or hides under fine subtleties.

The ego is not more that a group of YOES, and that group are thousands and  thousands of egos.