Whereīre The Rosecross Temples?


The Rosecross augustīs temples remain occult to the profanes curiosity, in the Higher Spheres.
The ROSECROSSīTEMPLES are in the fourth dimension, and also in the astral cosmos, in the mental, in the causal, in the Budhic, in the nirvanic , in the paranirvanis and in the mahaparanirvanic one, etc.
These ROSECROSS living temples arise full of fire and light in all the infinite cosmosī planets.
The ROSE CROSS is not an exclusive creation for the planet earth , less as some of the illiterate illustrated, a fantastic invention from Egypt.
The ROSE CROSS is a cosmic living reality, itīs an emanation of that which is GOD, thatīs eminently HOLY.

The Rosecrossī wisdom showed
in Egipt, as in many others places..

If the Rose Cross would only be a human invention placed in a time and space, it would ceased to exist when we turned conscencely to the HIGHER COSMOS and the neighbour PLANETS which integrate the solar system, and the other systems of our galaxy.
The ROSE CROSS itself, would cease to exist when the sublime moment of trascending the concept of time and space arrives.
And if it only has been a way or a system for the awakening and development of some psychic abilities, it would stop being in the BUDHIC cosmos; but, as the ROSECROSS it is beyond all sphere of time, Eternity, Space, Mind, Will, and even more there of the BUDHAS OF PERFECTION, it survives and will survive every day and every cosmic night, because the ROSECROSS is a emanation of that that is GOD, of that, that is the ABSOLUTE thing.