What do the Rosecrosses teach?

THE BEING'S AUTOREALIZATION well and wisely understood can only be achieved, by living the synthesis aware of all Solar religion, the same one that understands the following values: Life, Death, Love, Freedom and Wisdom.


The entire Life is a sexual problem, nobody has life excluding the sex. We all are born thanks to the sex, nobody is born of theories or beliefs, or dogmas. Only with the awake conscience we are able to wake up Kundalini.

Idá , is the lunar serpent  = Water.
Pingalá ,
is the solar serpent  = Fire = Spirit
The Water and the Fire gives us the necesary seed
for the second birth that JESUS told Nicodemus
(John 3- 1)


The fundamental base of the Self-realization, (The Rosecrosses don´t forget it) is the Rock, (Isaías 28:16), is the stone on which the Rose Cross Jesus, instituted his Church, and is that Stone is the sex… Why do you upset yourselves? Only living the value of Life, it is worth to say Transmuting the Seed, the SEMEN, is how we achieve “to be born another time” and “to lift the Man's Son…”
It is as well as we achieve the second birth, because “we don't walk according to the flesh” (fornication) but, as the Spirit (Integral transmutation). Because those that are of the Flesh (the fornicators) they think of the things of the flesh (in fornication, filthiness) but those that are of the Spirit (those that live the Real Chastity) in the things of the Spirit (in lifting the Man's Son), because being in charge of the flesh (theories, beliefs, fornication) it is death
(espiritual.n.d.E), but being in charge of of the Spirit (the Self-realization, the transmutation) it is Life and Peace.


The ego is the Mythological Meduse
Perseo, had to seize the terrible Igneous Sword,
and finish the egoistic Mesduse after a deep,
 calm and brave study, helped by the polished mirror
 of the serene and deep self-reflection.

To really live, it is fundamental to learn how to die. Only those who die in themselves are able to enjoy the LIFE with fullness. The death that we refer to, is not the layman death of the physical body, but, something very superior, very momentous…. we refer to Mystic Death (psychological death of yoes and egos, that are defects and vices.n.d.E). The applicant to the Life, should from the beginning fight unfailingly against everything that is me.
The Mystic Death simply consists on radically putting an end to all and each one of the yoes, in eliminating totally the ego, in all and each one of the levels of the mind, the will, the passion and the causes.
The death of the alone ego is possible thanks to the Divine Mother Kundalini, thanks to the Sacred Spirit. Nobody can finish a single defect, a single one “me”, if he doesn´t live the Integral Transmutation, if he doesn´t live the Solar Arcanium.


The transcendental value of all applicant to the Truth, is the Love.
Love…Love…Love……¡So much has been written about the Love…!
The ego doesn't know how to love.
The rational animal is pure ego, and he doesn't know how to love.
Only the Conscience is who can and knows how to love.
The Rose and the Cross´ Path is for those who know how to Love.
¡Love your neighbor more than to yourself!. That I teach you… and it reiterated it to you.
The highest form of Loving, is in being given to the other ones… entire, totally…
The highest way to Love, is to teach to your fellow men the Cross and the Rose´s Path.


The Love liberates… The Love will make you free… The Light of the Love is the True that will liberate you of the chains of the vice and the ignorance.
There is not possible Freedom, if you are subjected by the chains of the unconsciousness.
Venerable Beings… Freedom to your Consciences…! Wake up…!.
Have present that you are not ego, you are not that you call personality, you are not bodies. You are Consciences… but you are sleeping...Yes, sleeping.
You are a “sleeping beauty.”
You are Conscience…¡Wake up!
Who yearns to wake up conscience, we reiterate should request, request to their Intimate, to their Father who lives secretly and to their Divine Mother Kundalini that wakes up him that which is the Conscience, the Budhata.
It is the Conscience that has to achieve the division of their corresponding centre in Individuality, Activity and Location: I.A.U.


You, lovers of the life, the freedom, the love and the wisdom… Hear me…Open your mystic and immortal memory for never forgetting the divine maxim that I give you:
You don't fear to God… Love him…! Look for God in all moments…in all your life!.
All applicant to the Rose Cross, all sincere walker in the bitter stone path should look for in all and each one of the instants of their life, making the FATHER'S will WHO LIVES secretly.
All the exercises that are taught in the Rose Cross Order are not for the realization of the ego, but for the realization of the Father's Work. It is the Father who will carry out the Work, it is not ego.
We, with the lived experience, remember the tortuous roads, full of pleasure, beliefs, faith, amusements, yogis exercises, occult practices , etc. that we live in a past WITHOUT MAKING THE FATHER´s WILL… and what we must harvest was…failure.
But…we turn back on time our eyes toward inside, toward the Temple Heart where the FATHER lives, and we learned lowly that the Divine Wisdom, can only be conquest making in all moment the Father´s Will…¡AUM!

                                                                                                       V. M. M. om Yeo wams om