Here we find the OM in Sanskrit,
primordial sound of universal character
that we owe mantrate and remember
in the practice of Conscious Attention.

Every day that passes should be a day of more conscience, and a day of victories on the ego. A lost day, an insubstantial day, it is a day of victory for the Ego, for the reason.

The big battles are carried out in the stage of the life. The whole bloody war has for field of battle, ONESELF. The fights are internal, intimate. I will fornicate, he says the ego of the Lust.....
and the CONSCIENCE, the BUDHATA, says: NO..!, and oppose a tenacious resistance; conquered momentarily the I of the Lust will wait another opportunity, the most accidental to return to the attack, meanwhile, it is other the Ego that offers battle: Iīll go to “have a drink”, one of the alcoholic Egos, the Budhata says it opposes all possible resistance, and if it conquers, the Ego(I) of the Alcoholism, he goes down making sparks, protesting in the depths of the sub-concience; and it arises other ego: “I will smoke a cigarette”, one of the smoking egos says... If the pupil smokes, then simply he is victim of the smoker ego, and he losses a battle; and, this way, the traps of the ego are happened uninterruptedly against the Budhata.

If the Budhata is not alert, in any moment he can be victim of one of the egos of the fornication, and it will lose much of that conquered.

All the yoes should be controlled; but the fundamental battle is the one that is sustained against the yoes of the FORNICATION.

The assaults of the different egos are not slow, premeditated, alerted, etc. These attacks of the Ego are unforeseen, unexpected and violent, for what the fact is imposed of living fully watchful, vigilant as the “masthead in time of war “, alert to avoid the internal enemy's attacks. What thief will be able to enter in a house, if it is very well watched over?

In this fact resides the control of the Ego and the awakening of the conscience.

In maintaining a constant surveillance, permanent on ourselves; but, a careful surveillance in all and each one of the corners of our house, in all and each one of the doors of our city.

We should stay the whole attention, very well distributed in everything that we are really, in what we carry out or we make, and in all place where we are.

To object of controlling the movement of the egos perfectly, we should exercise a practical constant of Self-remember, of remembering to ourselves.

If we don't remember ourselves, if we don't observe ourselves in a given moment, we won't be able to at least realize what we are making, of what we are really, neither of the place where we are.

Remembering to ONE-SELF is something of unquestionable importance, if the Awakening of the Conscience is really yearned, only by means of the SELF-REMEMBER it is like we can observe to ourselves. If we don't remember, it is impossible to be able to observe us, and we cannot remember if we don't observe ourselves, if not us SELF OBSERVES.. Self-OBSERVATION, and SELF-REMEMBER is indispensable for the AWAKENING of the CONSCIENCE.

The Self-observation allows us to have conscience of we make and of the place where we are. The Self-remember it allows us to have conscience of ourselves. It is necessary and unquestionable that all practice of Self-observation, go accompanied by Self-remember. If there is not Self-observation, there is not Self-remember. The self-observation without the self-remember, leads to the complete fascination, to the total identification with that that we carry out in a given moment: for example, if we are in a birthday party, and we self-observe  ourselves, we will be able to simply see ourselves taking a drink and another drink, and we will be able to see ourselves in inconvenient state, and this way, until losing all notion completely. We will simply have observed ourselves, and this way observing us, we will have arrived until a total intoxication.

There was observation but not SELF-REMEMBER.

Who is simply self- observating, captures the world that surrounds him and the things he do; but, itīs not remembered to himself and this way he doesn't exercise  any control against the Ego, and therefore he doesn't carry out any effort to wake up conscience.

Who is only remembered to himself, without achieving SELF-OBSERVING, it loses all notion of the reality, and it is isolated completely of it. This way, in the case of the birthday, the “guest” is remembered to himself, he is put in a corner, and forgets the place completely where he is and  what he is making: Both isolated cases, only lead to the failure, to the error.

What would we say of that gladiator that in the combat, simple and flatly REMEMBER HIMSELF, is identified as gladiator, and deduces that he has to fight, and continues with his meditations obtaining a series of suppositions to those that should be subjected, and suppositions of what should be done?, while that happens, the “other” already puts an end to him.

Or What do we say of that other one that only observes, and in the battle field, it is observed, it fights, it fights; but, as he is unable to remember himself, then the fight extends inclusive against his fight partners, he doesn't identify his enemies, he fights “by himself”, and he is fascinated by the fight, the battle can already have finished, but the one continues fighting. SELF-REMEMBER AND SELF-OBSERVATION are indispensable practical that should LIVE all that who really yearns the awakening of their Conscience. He could NEVER WAKE UP CONSCIENCE, using the functions of the EGO; BECAUSE, TO WAKE UP CONSCIENCE, IT IS NECESSARY TO USE THE FUNCTIONS CHARACTERISTIC OF THE CONSCIENCE. Reasoning, the awakening of the conscience is never achieved. To wake up Conscience it is necessary to stop reasoning. Only who leave of reasoning  begins al last the difficult work of the AWAKENING OF THE CONSCIENCE.

The functions of the EGO are eminently mental, clearly rational; and any rational, mental, volitional, sensual, instinctive and animal process,  will not achieve the desired AWAKENING.

The biggest complications to those that is subjected the rational creature, they are due simple to the reason; while more complicated are the different rational situations, more fascinated the person is, and fully subjected to a constant battle of their antietic reasonings. The reason is totally unable of achieving a perfect self-observation and a total self-remember. The self-observation and the self-remenber, they should be simultaneous, not alternate. If the reason seeks to carry out this practical conscious, it won't be able to leave the alternatingly. In an instant anyone, everything should be under a SELF OBSERVATION and a complete, entire, simultaneous SELF-REMEMBER. This type of superior work, it cannot be carried out by the mind, the reason, because it is eminently a CONSCIOUS work. THE  REMEMBERING OF OURSELVES it should not rotate around the personality or to the purely physical aspect, or around the Ego; the memory should be guided toward inside, toward the CONSCIENCE, toward the BUDHATA; ONE should be remember as CONSCIENCE, AS DIVINE SPARK, as BUDHATA. So that we would specify to remember as ego? don't we seek in any moment “to make conscious “to the ego; it is necessary to differentiate this aspect clearly, and remind ourselves as BUDHATA. Now our pupils will understand, because it cannot be carried out this work at the mental level. The observation is clear and concrete, in the sense that the Practice should be carried out by the conscience and around the activities that the ego carries out. The conscience prisoner is, but from its prison it can control the acts of the ego, and to brake them when he wakes up. The Conscience or BUDHATA doesn't make absolutely anything because itīs prisoner and slept in the depths of the mind. Who tries to control the ego, is the BUDHATA, but those intents are only carried out when the Conscience tries to awake.

When the intent to wake up is positive, is there when it controls the ego, and if the control, the conscience persists, its is working, and while she works, it will print bigger vigour to its own awakening, it will avoid the manifestation and providing food to the ego.

Who tries to make “something” against the process of the awakening it is the ego; it is necessary to control  the ego in all their actions. It is necessary to self-observe the functions of the own ego.

The "I"  to self-observate itself, accomplice of the crime is made, of the negative action, and it doesn't put control to the licentiousness; example: A "I" have taken the control of the human machine, and it drives him to the fornication... Other "I" (ego), observes.... simply observes, and it can even participate of the previous or derived actions of the fornication. The observation of the ego, and for the own ego, it is not good for anything.

There is not "I" Good or "I"  SUPERIOR, all are component of one rotten trunk.

Anything good it is the "I" (Ego), anything of good has the ego, and the ego is not able to self-observate, less to self- reflection.

The vindicative of the crime and the felony are the acceptance of a "I" (Ego) superior and of an "I" inferior.

The rational worm uses this argument to make the worst crimes: “It is my "I"  inferior who makes sin and not me, neither my "I"  superior”, they say.

The Ego cannot control the Ego. Who can and should control to "I" , the ego, it is The Budhata, The conscience. Who can and should control to the whole complicated mechanism of the  EGOISTIC function it is the BUDHATA. Who can and should carry out the practice or constant exercise of the SELF-REMEMBER and the SELF-OBSRVACION it is the BUDHATA, the CONSCIENCE. The mind is unable to carry out this exercise, and if IT makes it, it will only be to participate of all the acts of the ego.


Thereīs a function of the intellect , of the mind or of the ego that is simply THE ATTENTION. The ego pays attention to what interests him and he cares for its survival and the satisfaction. The attention, otherwise, it is simply an animal function. We don't refer to her, we want to wake up conscience, for what we do refer to the functions characteristic of the conscience.

One of the conscious functions is in fact the CONSCIOUS ATTENTION, what we want is to GUIDE our CONSCIOUS ATTENTION toward the INDIVIDUAL, the ACTION, and the LOCATION. The intellectual attention, the egoistic attention, will never be able to end up capturing the INDIVIDUAL'S content, its ACTION and its LOCATION. This work is only possible for the Conscience, by the function of the CONSCIOUS ATTENTION. The CONSCIOUS ATTENTION should carry out its work, here, now, in this precise instant, and non tomorrow or in another moment. How to work with the CONSCIOUS ATTENTION?

This is a work - we reiterate - of the CONSCIENCE, not of the ego. The ego cannot work with the CONSCIOUS ATTENTION, because it is not its function. Nobody could chew with other people's denture!
The ego cannot carry out any division of its attention, because it is totally divided.

We want to avoid all ego manifestation, we want the work of the conscious attention for the awakening of that that is the CONSCIENCE.