The Rosecrosses´mission

For Eighteen million years ago that the humaniodes creatures come evolving, and it is also during that long time that, the INITIATES ones and the ROSE CROSS'S MASTERS come working for the return of the DIVINE SPARK toward the BEING, toward the FATHER, and the teaching has not changed, it continues being the same one for eighteen million years.

There in the distant LEMURIA, they were many the hardened titans that valorously faced themselves and achieved the intimate victory, and they rose to their FATHER, and they were ONE IN GOD.

In the left side this image can be seen the cross represented in the union of the phalo and the uterus (Limgan-Yoni) and the awakening of the snake in the middle of this union. To the side the Father (Shiva), the Mother (Parvati) and the son (Ganesha) the regent of the Chacra Muladhara, all manifesting the power of the Creative Logoses in its positive aspect. Also in the right hand of Shiva we see the stick (the column, for where it ascends the transmuted energy) crowned by the trident (the three forces) of which hangs the drum (the sound - the verb - the necessary mantrans for the ascent of this energy). 

Among the august warriors of the Fire and of the LIGHT that making THE FATHER'S WILL, constantly worked in the FORGE OF THE GODS, many arose big TEACHERS that are still mentioned by old traditions and for very old hidden books in diverse secret caves.

Among these sublime SACRED BEINGS we found the August Founder of the SCHOOL OF INITIATES OF THE GREAT WHITE LODGE, the VENERABLE BEING: SANAT KUMARA who lives at the moment with the one same physical body with which worked in the distant Lemuria.

This Great BEING, when beginning their difficult MISSION in THE ROSE CROSS'S APOSTOLATE, was anointed PRIEST for other great and SUBLIME BEING; who which REAL ELOHIM, LORD OF THE FIRE AND DE THE LIGHT, conferred SECRET OCCULT GRADE to the VENERABLE SANAT KUMARA.

That great BEING that conferred so terrible grade and so sublime mission to the Sacred SANAT KUMARA, was the KING OF PEACE AND JUSTICE, AND PRIEST OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, THE ALL-KNOWING GREAT MASTER: MELQUISEDEC.

To this great one and solemn event assisted many INITIATE and TEACHERS that got up in previous COSMIC DAYS, all converted in IGNEOUS AND FLAMING ROSECROSSES; they also attended, many August GREATS SIBLINGS than the PLANETS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM who celebrated a very singular COUNCIL and they began a NEW full ERA of splendors and WISDOM.

Under the August directions of the V.M. MELQUISEDEC, the MASTER SANAT KUMARA began its magnificent work, and it diffused then for all the continents of the LEMURIA, the SOLAR wisdom of the CROSS and the ROSE, ending up itself to be constituted in an ALIVE AND IMMORTAL ROSE CROSS .

The same teaching was transmitted by the V.M. SANAT KUMARA to the inhabitants of all the continents of that known as ATLANTIS.

Fulfilled their mission he retired to his INTERNAL SANTUARY, and again this race, through the time and in many opportunities they received once and again the message of the CROSS and the ROSE, of lips of SANAT KUMARA.

Work parallel, the SUPREME PRIEST OF THE HIGHEST GOD, the VENERABLE MELQUISEDEC, who organized Sanctuaries and Temples in the whole surface of the Planet. All the countries of those distant times, received with solemn mystic parties to the ILLUSTRIOUS PROPHET OF ALL THE TIMES; to his step, they fell fulminated all the clay temples and the idols of mud that the multitudes in their ignorance and beliefs had forged, and it was him, THE GREAT MELQUISEDEC who instituted and later on restored the ROSE AND THE CROSS'S teachings .