Sexual energy, Sexual Alchemy

In the whole infinite cosmos, there is only movement, life, light, fire, if there is energy. Any microbe, any herb for more insignificant than it , any living creature, could have the lightest expression of life if it has no energy.

The sun and the moon inside the circle represent the man and the woman,
fire and water, becoming both in solar entities (the periphery of the Sun),
 carrying out both, man and woman, the transformation of their seminal
(moon) through the fire (sun) of the Love; this is same:
Fire +Water = Conscience


Each cell, it constantly absorbs solar energy, in our planet earth, the accumulative source of solar energy constitutes it the waters of the oceans, seas, etc. and the whole terrestrial bark, and the integral life that it is also manifested: trees, bushes, plants, etc., but the one fundamental deposit of the captured life of the solar source can be found in the water.
"Everything leaves the water and everything returns to the water."
The energy solar emanant of the sun accumulates in the organic waters, these waters constitute the "Ens-séminis" that all animal carries in itself.
All those erogenous substances secreted by the sexual glands are the best of the creative and regenerative power of the organism.
The best thing that life can offer, it is in fact the sexual energy that determines the sexual function.
The sexual functions present the most exquisite delights in the life, more regrettably, unconscious people, don't enjoy the life but of the bad habits.
That whole energy source able to regenerate the human organism, and to grant him an eternal and inexhaustible youth, as well as that magnificent elixir that cures all illness, and the beautiful jewel that transforms the vile metals in pure gold, is in oneself, inside itself, and it is simply the sexual energy.

It comes us to the memory the Man's sublime figure that dazzled Europe, the Count of Saint Germain. Initiate Chaldaic that, there in Abraham's distant earth (in the year 300 a.c.) received the alchemy Initiation thanks to the Cross and the Rose´s sublime Master.
Saint Germain unquestionable Rosecross, drank (see Sexual Transmutation) the same of the inexhaustible source of its spermatic waters, the eternal youth's elixir, and it embodied in itself the stone heliogabala of the golden philosophy.
The most powerful force in the cosmos, is not the atomic energy, but the solar energy, and the human seed, is constituted by a magnificent source of solar energy.