The great MASTERS OF THE WHITE LODGE, in all the times, in all the ages, and in all the latitudes, the doctrine of the FIRE AND THE LIGHT have exposed, without the use of the reason. When we study the process of elaboration of the doctrine of the WHITE LODGE, disseminated by the world under multiple expression modalities, we see that they are full of wisdom and absent completely of reason.

Only the one that possesses the awake conscience 
can carry out the big prodigies, through their Holy Stick
that it is the spine

The objective, real knowledge, is only that one acquired with the Awake Conscience and not with the reason. Trought the reason we are able to acquire certain information; but, only with the Awake Conscience, it is how we acquire conscious knowledge.

The accumulated information is not knowledge.

Maybe somebody, for the fact of having received wide information around the suprasensitives worlds, or to the internal bodies, could say that he knows them... No, he has simply had oral or written information, but nothing else that information; other very different thing is seeing them, to use them consciously, to have full conscious knowledge of them.

We accept a «rational knowledge», but this, anything has to do with the Conscious Knowledge. That entire wisdom acquired of the reason, it will be deposited in the memory, and the memory is like a basket that it doesn't retain the water that is deposited in her; but, hardly some humidity, passed this, nothing remains and the whole accumulated knowledge, all the received information, gets lost, it forgets. THE CONSCIOUS KNOWLEDGE is that that forgets never, unless you “fall” in the unconsciousness characteristic of the rational animal.

The rational knowledge has its time, it is diluted, is dissolved with the time, and finally stops to be. THE CONSCIOUS KNOWLEDGE is that that remains for always, it is not destroyed by the time; because the CONSCIENCE is beyond the time, of the eternity, of the mind, and of that that is the will.

It is this knowledge the one that proclaims the ROSE CROSS ORDER, the CONSCIOUS KNOWLEDGE, the conscious life, the conscious art, the conscious love, the conscious freedom, etc. We doesn't deny in no way the formidable, wonderful value that has the reason ; but, we define clearly that all that value given to the reason, is only for the ego.

The reason is a wonderful instrument of expression of the EGO, that is to say that it is trought reason as the ego manifests, or we can also say that the reason is the same ego. Then the ego is considered unreplasable, formidable, wonderful, etc.

We want, and we really yearn to eliminate to the EGO, to dissolve it, to reduce it to cosmic dust , to nothing. When saying this, clearly we express that we also yearn to dissolve the reason.

Understand each other well, we want the dissolution of the ego, of that which is the mind and the reason; we yearn the awakening of the conscience, of the Divine Spark, of that that is GOD in the human creature.

Somebody would say that the ROSECROSSES wants to be irrational, or they are IRRATIONAL; the ROSECROSS will be able to be considered WHITOUT REASON, but the ROSECROSS it is HIPERRATIONAL, or SUPRA-RATIONAL, and its conscious and cognitive functions are beyond the REASON.

In the world we find millions of rational animals that dazzle for their reasons... and the world is properly in a CHAOS; everywhere there are hunger, misery, hates, wars, exploitation, filicides, abortions, slanders, robberies, murders, violations, incests, injustices, wickedness, ambition, etc.; and, however the rational animal enjoys reason, and the world of the rational worm is that... A TRASH CAN of the worst species. If for not belonging to that dirty mire, they qualify us of IRRATIONAL, WHITOUT REASON, etc., we accept the epithet; and if somebody yearns to be left that landfill and it is qualified of crazy, idiot, dreamer, irrational, dreamer, etc., be WELCOME.