Representation of the Initiate (Winged Escarabaeus) transforming the moon at his feet, which is the egoistic nature, (lead) in Sun, which is the solar nature, virtues (spiritual gold), clear allusion to the self-realization.

Some topics treated in public conferences. .

What mysteries do RoseCrosses have that let them trought the centuries become Life´s Masters?
The Path of the Rose and the Cross.
Religion y Sects. How differentiate them?
The Pseudo-Religions problem in today´s World.
The real Christianity. The Esoteric Christianity.
The White Lodge´s Masters, Jesus, John the Baptist, St. Germain´s Count, Sanat Kumara, Babaji, etc.
Revealed Alchemy, occult physiology and practices for the latent abilities´ development.
The Social Problems and the Youth. Existentiality sense.
Cause-effect, return, recuerrency, karma, dharma y reincarnation. Part 1.
Evolution, involution, Cosmic Laws, transmigration and second death. Part 2
UFOs, the reality behind the phenomenon.
Universal Symbolism. The Rose and the Cross´symbol.
Tiahuanacu, Machu Pichu and other Solar cultures in America.
Today´s World and its relation with the Atlantis, Lemuria and the Eden.
True Love´s search. The soul mate.
Sexual Energy´s hidden and secret power..
The conscience awakening. Existence in other dimensions.
Astral projections.
Self-knowing tecniques.
The man internal bodies.
Vital Body
Astral Body
Mental Body.
Causal Body.
The five pillars of Knowledge.
Intelligence and Ego.
Creative Imagination.
Sexual Transmutation. Different kinds of transmutation.
Safe sex without preservatives.
Supra anatomy, supraphysiology of human Sexuality.
Life´s tree.
What´s Christmas?
Round tables

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